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Just As I Predicted. Obama Moving “FORWARD” In Gun-Grab In Connecticut.  Colorado: YOU Are Next

You morons that think this is good should be hung for treason.  If they take ONE gun, they will keep taking, taking, taking until you are walking through the gulags.  That means you, too “Liberal” gasbags.  There should be *NO* debate over gun control.  It is a RIGHT, not something that should be ‘up for debate’.  Anyone who thinks we should discuss our 2nd Amendment is an ENEMY to the Republic.

And, do NOT listen to the elite snots telling you this is ‘not being talked about’.  They LIE.

CLICK: OK: ….This is what I predicted regardless if this is the truth or not re. CT: Connecticut will be the first state that the Obama-NAZIs will confiscate guns.


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