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The NeoConservative Christian Right

Antonio Gramsci

In the spring of 1919, Gramsci

In January 1921 Gramsci

From May 1922 to November 1923, Gramsci

In 1926, Italy’s Fascist government

Gramsci’s health deteriorated badly during his incarceration, and in November 1933 he was

During his

In his

Such a development,

Specifically, Gramsci called for Marxists to spread their ideology in a gradual, incremental, stealth manner, by infiltrating all existing societal institutions and embedding it, largely without being noticed, in the popular mind. This, he emphasized, was to be an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary, process that, over a period of decades, would cause an ever-increasing number of people to embrace Marxist thought, until at last it achieved hegemony. Gramsci described this approach as a “

In this regard, Gramsci’s views bore a great resemblance to those of the famed godfather of community organizing,

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