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I’m a slow learner. It took me a Marine Corps career that span a total of 35 years, which included two of the Yankee Occupation Government’s imperalistic wars, to figure out that I had been a dupe and was first duped at about age 6. It is indeed an awsome propaganda machine. — jtl, 419

 by TDV Managing Editor, Redmond Weissenberger

“It was a commercial that got me when I was a kid, the one where the guy is jumping through spinning razor blades and then he fights a monster with a sword.” — Brandon Raub, political prisoner, explaining why he wanted to join the Marines.

The American military of today has its founding in the Cold War. During the Revolutionary War, the founders felt the need to create an military force in order to liberate themselves from the British Crown, but they were suspect of the kind of…

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