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What Did You Say?

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Trigger the VoteLouisiana Gov. BobbyJindal on Saturday night accused President Barack Obama and other

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Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education and said that a rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for “a hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital.

Jindal spoke at the annual conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group led by longtime Christian activist Ralph Reed. Organizers said more than 1,000 evangelical leaders attended the three-day gathering. Republican officials across the political spectrum concede that evangelical voters continue to play a critical role in GOP politics.

“I can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States,”Jindal said, “where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.”War on Christians

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Socio-Economics History Blog

  • Published on Sep 29, 2012
    The Amber Lyon story is just the latest in a series of articles that expose the total Joseph Goebbels like censorship rampant in mainstream media today. The first one I posted several weeks ago exposed how the NY Times basically just regurgitates whatever government officials tell them, while the other showcased how an NPR reporter covering D.C. had to leave and do her own thing out of frustration. This is precisely why alternative media sites are taking off. They provide the only outlets left for genuine journalism. 

    So back to Amber. Back in March 2011, CNN sent a four person team to Bahrain to cover the Arab Spring. Once there, the crew was the subject of extreme intimidation amongst other things, but they were able to record some fantastic footage. As Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s Guardian writes in his blockbuster article…

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Sam Brinton says that his father first tried physical abuse to rid his young son of homosexual feelings. When that didn’t work, Brinton’s parents turned to something called reparative therapy.

Some of the memories are hazy more than 10 years later, but Brinton does remember the tactics the counselor used. There was talk therapy, about how God disapproved, and there was aversion therapy, during which pictures of men touching men would be accompanied by the application of heat or ice. “It was pretty much mental torture,” Brinton says. “To this day, I still have light pain when I shake hands with another male.”

More than a decade after leading medical organizations abandoned the idea that homosexuality was something that could be cured or corrected, the concept of conversion therapy remains a particularly charged issue for LGBT advocates. Two states outlaw the practice and legislation is pending in another. But not…

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Border Patrol trucks sit in parking lots as surge of illegal immigrants flood America

by Kit Daniels | | June 23, 2014

The decrease of Border Patrol activity in the border city of Brownsville, Texas, highlights how not only is the Border Patrol stretched too thin, but its agents are also being pressured to stand down from enforcing immigration laws.

Additionally, the feds are ensuring a media blackout of the border collapse by closing down areas near the border which have traditionally been open to the public.

In and around Brownsville, far more Border Patrol vehicles could be seen parked at various government facilities than patrolling the streets and surrounding areas, contrary to what one would expect considering the current flood of tens of thousands of immigrants from Central America crossing the border.

And while Americans are routinely violated – and abused – at TSA checkpoints in the name…

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Obama’s opposition to Citizens United in her targeting of conservative groups.

“I believe Lois Lerner is hiding something. I believe the Justice Department, the IRS, and the White House are interested in her succeeding in hiding what she’s hiding, which is targeting of conservative groups based on their ideology in support of the president’s war on Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that he didn’t like,” Issa said on Fox News Monday morning.

“This is something he vehemently opposes, and Lois Lerner acted on his opposition,” the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman said.


“Could it lead to political operatives of the president? Yes,” Issa stated, noting that his investigation is being “stymied.”

Issa also noted that the IRS did not seriously look into emails Lerner exchanged with the White House and did not look into emails from Obama political operative David Axelrod.

Issa will grill Koskinen Monday…

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Feinstein: Iraq A Threat To Americans. NO, She Wants US Disarmed. Dianne Is The Biggest Threat

First of all.. Let’s look at the facts.  The Center for Public Integrity has reported that US Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum, made millions of dollars from Iraq and Afghanistan contracts through his company, Tutor Perini Corporation.

So…there is money to be made for this hag.

Second of all:  The REAL threat we face is Dianne Feinstein and her Communism.  She wants ALL guns banned and said so:

Now tell me who is the biggest threat to us.  Iraq or Dianne Feinstein.  If we have no guns, we would not be able to defend our own selves against “ISIS”


Here is her big mouth:

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Reality Of Christ

 The World Genographic Project has been testing haplogroups—a group which relates to our deep ancestry and has recently discovered that during the time of Noah’s flood a small group of extremely unusual DNA was introduced into the population.  Geneticists have dubbed it Haplogroup I1“.

I believe this could be the DNA proof that fallen angels had sex with humans spoken of in the book of Genesis 6:4: The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown..”

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If you’ve ever mixed up the Caribbean island of Grenada and the Spanish city of Granada, you’re not alone. Apparently even airline officials — whose JOB it is to know things like this — have made the mix-up, too.

American dentist Edward Gamson hoped to visit Granada — a charming city in southern Spain known for its 11th-century Alhambra palace — on a recent vacation. But what he thought would be a two-hour British Airways flight from London ended up being a nine-hour flight all the way to the Caribbean. You know, to Grenada instead of Granada. Whoops.

“I have a lifelong interest in Islamic art. I’m also of Spanish Jewish heritage so it was something I had always wanted to do to visit Granada and the Alhambra,” Gamson toldThe Independent. “I made it absolutely clear to the booking agent I wanted to go to Granada in Spain. Why…

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Rush: Clintons 2 of ‘biggest phonies’ alive today

WND ^ | June 23 2014 | Joe KovacsPosted on 6/23/2014, 2:53:14 PM by PoloSec-SNIP-Limbaugh remarked, “When Mrs. Clinton said, ‘We’re not well off. We pay ordinary income taxes,’ she’s jealous. She’s envious of people of people who have a lot of money. And $50 million, $100 million in their world isn’t a lot of money. Not among the people they hold dear. They know multi-billionaires. They fly around gratis on their friends’ private Boeing 757s.

bubbahil bubbahil (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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Iraq Crisis mass grave of vicitms of saddams chemical weapons

Did the ISIS in Iraq find Saddam Hussein’s WMD stockpiles of chemical weapons? While the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has been confirmed to have seized an old chemical weapons plant there seems to be a dispute over whether or not the remaining tons of chemical weapons like sarin and mustard could still be weaponized into a dangerous form.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, former CIA director Michael Hayden is claiming that the ISIS in Iraq have essentially won the war at this point and that it is very likely the nation will be split into three sections. Due to the Iraq crisis oil prices have jumped and some Americans may wonder whether this means U.S. gas prices will be rising soon, as well. But as it turns out China has a lot more to lose if Iraq’s oil supply is blocked even though America spent…

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