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Citizen Tom

peacecrossI have too many favorite blogs and too little time.  So I end up visiting my favorite blogs about the same way as a tumbleweed plans its itinerary, and I just hope there is a good blog post up.

aurorawatcherak provides dependable service.  Her latest (H/T thatmrgguy) is below.

As  makes clear, we know little about Hell. And as I thought about it, it occurred to me we also know little about Heaven. Nonetheless, many of us still speak as if we knew more.

I suppose the we are too proud, too proud to even admit our ignorance to ourselves. Yet The Book of Job tells us how God allowed Satan to inflict enormous misery upon Job, and throughout it all Job suffered patiently — at least with more than most men could manage.

Job wanted his suffering to end, but he…

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  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Thanks for the reblog.

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