No longer merely on the way, the Revolution is here

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized


By Judi McLeod December 31, 2014 | Comments| Print friendly |

The intent of Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America and those of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA are one and the same. Both foment for the kind of revolution that will take down America and toss it into the dust bin of history.

It’s a union made in Hell and, incredibly, the melding of this deadly duo is the quintessential spittle-flecked nutty of which most Americans and their Western allies are not even aware.

So convinced of the soon-to-come success of their joint venture, Fundamental Transformation of America chief architect Barack Obama and ‘We-can’t-breathe’ Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Bob Avakian, prime organizer of the current, increasingly violent anti-cop street protests, run their underground missions far away from home base.

Obama, who conducts his mission from golf courses and lush vacation spots, uses the White House as…

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