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Krauthammer: Rand ‘Closest to Obama’ on Foreign Policy

Breitbart ^ | 04/07/2015 | Ian Hanchett

Posted on 4/7/2015, 7:36:26 PM by E. Pluribus Unum

Columnist Charles Krauthammer stated that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) ” is the closest to Obama in his view of foreign policy” among the 2016 GOP field on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

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Phase One: Dissident Extraction

On Friday March 27, 2015, I was interviewed by Nik Rajkovic, a news reporter for NewsRadio 740 KTRH in Houston. In the course of the interview, Rajkovic informed me that he had interviewed a Sheriff’s Deputy and was told that Jade Helm 15 was practicing “extractions of dissidents”.

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Who In The Hell Is Barack Obama? The Fake President!



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“The Special Operations Command for the U.S. Army may be preparing to blend in during its mock engagement of hostile populations in the U.S. Southwest this summer, but first it is going on the offense to counter the claims of “conspiracy theorists” about the true nature of the controversial Jade Helm 15 exercises.”



Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul launched his presidential campaign Tuesday.

Here are excerpts of the remarks. Check back later for full remarks.

We’ve come to take our country back from the special interests that use Washington as their personal piggy bank.

The special interests that are more concerned with their personal welfare than the general welfare.

The Washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every nook and cranny of our lives —— must be stopped!


Too often, when Republicans have won, we’ve squandered our victory by becoming part of the Washington machine.


Big government and debt doubled under a Republican administration and is now tripling under Barack Obama’s watch.
President Obama is on course to add more debt than all the previous Presidents in history–combined.

We borrow a million dollars a minute. This vast accumulation of debt threatens not just our economy, but our security.



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Fox News senior judicial correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano praised the University of Virginia Phi Alpha Psi

…chapter for suing Rolling Stone after its libelous piece accusing them of gang rape, but urged the fraternity to sue UVA as well for punishing them before they were proven guilty.

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Obama Presents Climate Change As Health Hazard ^ | 4/7/2015 | JOSH LEDERMAN,

Posted on 4/7/2015, 9:59:54 AM by rktman

President Barack Obama will ask Americans to think of climate change as a threat not just to the environment, but also to their health.

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How Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Are Shaking Up the GOP Presidential Nomination Process ^ | 4/7/15 | Matt Kibbe

Posted on 4/7/2015, 9:48:15 AM by cotton1706

via How Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Are Shaking Up the GOP Presidential Nomination Process.

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By Douglas V. Gibbs April 7, 2015 | Comments| Print friendly |

In 2008, Russia gained control over South Ossetia and Abkhazia from neighboring Georgia, and then last month, on the anniversary of occupying Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a 25 year Treaty of Alliance and Integration, solidifying control over South Ossetia.

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Rand Paul’s First Challenge: Defeat Ted Cruz

Bloomberg Politics | April 7, 2015 | David Knowles

Posted on 4/7/2015, 6:01:03 AM by 2ndDivisionVet

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Is ObamaCare Enrollment Already Hitting A Wall?

Investor’s Business Daily ^ | 03/06/2015 | John Merline

Posted on 4/7/2015, 7:00:09 AM by IBD editorial writer

Earlier this year, the Obama administration hoped to boost ObamaCare sign-ups by offering a special enrollment period for millions who didn’t know about the individual mandate penalty until they filed their taxes. They’d have until the end of April to buy a plan and avoid paying an even bigger ObamaCare penalty when they file taxes next year. At least one outside observer expected as many as 1.2 million to sign up.



he dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy. Technocracy (i.e. Agenda 21) promises to push our lifestyle back into the 19th century. Life spans will be dramatically lowered as will the collective standard of living. Technocracy is a depopulation instrument.

With meticulous detail and an abundance of original research,Patrick M. Wood uses Technocracy Rising to connect the dots of modern globalization in a way that has never been seen before so that the reader can clearly understand the globalization plan, its perpetrators and its intended endgame and he joins The Common Sense Show to discuss the topic.

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Bibi Just Nailed It: The Real, Immediate Danger Of Obama’s ‘Bad’ Iran Deal Nobody’s Focused On

Western Journalism ^ | APRIL 6, 2015 | NORVELL ROSE

Posted on 4/6/2015, 3:32:49 PM by kingattax

Nearly all the discussion and debate about the controversial deal involving Iran’s weapons program has focused on the potential for the radical regime to someday obtain nuclear weapons. However, there’s another, more immediate threat posed by the likely easing or ending of sanctions against Iran, says the Israeli prime minister.

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