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The Rise of the Machines

June 16, 2015 Coach Collins Leave a comment

By LtCol Forrest R. Lindsey USMC (ret), staff writer

Hardly a day goes by without some new article describing the very rapid advance of automation in our lives. As it is right now, more and more manufacturing is done using computer-controlled machining and robots doing the assembling and even testing.

We can’t call for customer assistance anymore without going through a battery of mechanical voices asking us which option we want while directing us away from any hope of human interaction. Machines are accurate, dependable and they never sleep.

They don’t belong to unions and they never complain about working conditions and best of all for the Captains of Industry, they are relatively cheap: after initial acquisition, all they cost is the power to run them and the minor costs of upkeep and upgrades.

The problem that…

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