Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Arlin Report

It doesn’t matter what flags are flying above state and federal legislative buildings!    Whether they both fly together, fly one and remove the other, doesn’t matter which, the problem in this country isn’t “A Flag” or “The Flag”.     It’s the crap flying around below those flags in those legislative buildings.   A more appropriate flag over government buildings would be one with the 3 stooges as its emblem, but they are all stooges.

It is a shame we can’t feel pride in our legislatures like we do our  sports teams.   It’s an even greater shame we make more noise about how offensive a flag from our history is but are silent and accept the worthless representation we get or I should say don’t receive.   Millions of tax payer dollars or being wasted on salaries of individuals that are giving little.  The Confederate flag was not costing you the tax payer anything other than…

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