Gunny G: (America Prayed for A Leader…) Connect The Dots/Read BeTween The Lines!!!!! … BLOGGING BAD!

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Well, folks prayed and prayed for a leader that never showed…  perhaps a Clint Eastwood, a George Patton, Chesty Puller, RR,JFK, Etc.
 None of these types showed up; in fact, nobody showed….. except the usual…politicians.
The sound of the trumpet was never heard in the distance; the cavalry never showed up.
Then, finally, eventually, after years, Mr Donald Trump  made the scene!
Certainly not the usual central casting type at all.

Many doubt him as suitable.

Could it be the One  prayed to knows wtf He is doing?

We shall see.
Stand fast.

Semper Mister Trump!

aka: Gunny G

Mr. Trump has our enemies’ attention both foreign and domestic!
One word describes


…. SCARED$h!tle$$!!!!!!!!!!

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Semper FIDELIS !!!!!


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