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Wow. Marine ARRESTED for This Facebook Post About Obama

Conservative Tribune ^ | December 19, 2014 | Unknown

Posted on 12/20/2014, 5:47:44 PM by goodn’mad

Brandon Raub is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who decided to post critical opinions about Barack Obama on Facebook. What happened to him then will strike fear into the hearts of any good American and make them wonder what country they’re living in.

According to the Rutherford Institute, Raub was arrested by “a swarm of FBI, Secret Service agents and local police,” and detained without charges for “mental evaluation.”

The detention, it’s alleged, was done under a federal program codenamed “Operation Vigilant Eagle.” The program is intended to surveil former veterans who publicly express opinions critical of the government.

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via Wow. Marine ARRESTED for This Facebook Post About Obama.

via Wow. Marine ARRESTED for This Facebook Post About Obama.

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Back in’52 when I was a brand new Pfc just outta boot camp and having reported in to Marine Barracks, Camp Joseph H. Pendleton, Oceanside, California–yeh, you read it right, MB,O’Side, No Zip Code, etc.–I overheard some old salts arguing over the question as to which was correct…”cocked and locked” and/or “lock and load”.

One side claimed one, the other side claimed the other. Some said that “Lock and Load” became popular with John (Duke) Wayne‘s portrayal of Sgt Stryker in the 1949 “Sands of iwo Jima.”